Tusche und genäht auf Baumwolle/ink and sewn on cotton

ca. 140 x 120 cm

A work about tattooed men.

Which can be very tantalizing, but also very disgusting or boring. The tattoo. It depends on the person and on the tattoos. So it is the combination of human character and the talent of a drawer/tattooer.

At the same time, I like the idea of a living art object. As long as he is alive, the art is alive. It will change with him, with his senescence, with his body shape. And what will happen, when he dies? Will his skin survive? This idea will not appeal to most of us. The idea about an art piece made of human skin.

In this work the man is completely clad in tattoos, like a parchment, on which something has been written. At the same time, the tattoo is used to show the three-dimensionality of the body.