Poste restante

An art project/exhibition by Lizzie Coleman-Link

hand ker chief – art for the pants pocket


embroidered drawings on handkerchiefs. You can fold them up and put them in your pants pocket, your hand bag or where ever you have space to keep them for your travel….

Poste Restante – Cuges Les Pins

International Mail Art Open Call *”Poste restante (French, trans. post remaining) or general delivery is a service where the post office holds mail until the recipient calls for it. It is a common destination for mail for people who are visiting a particular location and have no need, or no way, of having mail delivered directly to their place of residence at that time.”Any medium, drawings, letters, postcards, objects, photographs, music, maps based loosely on the theme of travel, nomads.
All works will be shown at the Poste Restante – Cuges @ the Nomadic Village Sept/Oct 2013.
All works will be catalogued and documented and will be included in further exhibitions, therefore the Mail Art will not be returned.
Please write your name and address on the back of the work, you will receive a postcard from Cuges acknowledging its arrival.

All Post to:

C/O tadlachance
Nomadic village 2013
Project : Poste Restante – Cuges
6 traverse Condorcet
13780 Cuges Les Pins