Wanderlust : Poste Restante


@ Raw Art Foundation Frankfurt 2014

Atelier 301, AtelierFrankfurt, Schwedler Str, 1-5 Frankfurt am Main

Johan Eriksson: Sweden, Theo Gayer-Anderson: UK, Sina Weinhold: Germany, Richard Glynn: UK, Tina Horvath: Austria, Monique Besten: Holland, Annika Malmqvist: Sweden JM Mohn: Germany, Karianne Boo K: France, Sabine Hoffmann, Germany, Neckel Scholtus: Luxembourg, Margie Fortune: UK, Davide Bignami: Italy, Charles Stuart: UK, Albert van Veenendaal: Holland, Holger Frischkorn: Germany, Penka Mincheva: Sweden, Sally J Morgen: New Zealand, Nobuko Watabiki: Germany, Richard Heslop: UK, Marie Sophie Oudot Thiam:France, Anthony Stevens: UK, Joy Ful , Iceland, Liria Pristine: UK, Jim Reed: Germany,  Walter Bruno Brix: Germany                              plus many more in the post….


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POSTE RESTANTE * : Cuges Les Pins, Frankfurt am Main, Balchik

„Inspired by the love of receiving post whilst travelling, and celebrating the old school art of correspondance.“

In September 2013 Elizabeth Coleman-Link was selected as an Artist in Residence at the Nomadic Village 2013 in Cuges Les Pins, organized by Tadlachance as part of the Marseille City of Culture with a project called POSTE RESTANTE an International Mail Art Open Call, culminating in a site specific Installation and an Online Gallery, combining the the use of traditional postal services and social media networks to initiate an ongoing and participatory travelling Nomadic Collection.

The Open Calls were sent out via the internet using various social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and to followers of my blog http://scoutkit.blogspot.de/, to Artists, friends, and fellow travellers inviting them to send an artwork, working with the theme Nomadic.
An object, some text, a piece of music, a drawing, a postcard directly to a temporary Poste Restante address at the Nomadic Village in France.
All the Mail Art works that were sent were recorded, photographed and archived and this archiv formed the basis of the online gallery:http://posterestantewanderlust.blogspot.de/

The Cuges Collection´s next stop is Frankfurt, and has been added to by a second call for works using the theme: Wanderlust.

Wanderlust will be exhibited in a studio show Atelier 301 at ATELIERFRANKFURT e.V.,in April 2014, together with the Cuges Collection, it´ll then continue its journey and be shown at the Process – Space Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria.
Participants will be invited to send works to the Historical Museum in Balchik, Bulgaria, as part of the 23 Process Space Art Festival-Space Arts festival and the new works will be displayed in a site specific exhibition.
After the Bulgarian show the Wanderlust:Poste Restante project will be sent to the Nomadic Village to be shown in a site specific installation, and a further Open Call will invite Artists at the Nomadic Village to send a piece from their home base or from the Village in Austria.

„The Journey is the destination“

Lizzie Coleman-Link

Part of a bigger project: Wanderlust : Poste Restante

Viewing by appointment: